About IFDS

At IFDS, we provide technology and service solutions designed to help companies in the financial industry achieve their business goals.

We are the developers and owners of our core technology platform, iFast™, and we continually invest in making it even more powerful and reliable. When industry leaders ask us to develop new features and capabilities, our shared platform allows all clients to realize the benefits.

Our knowledge, experience, financial strength, and advanced technology enable clients to achieve their goals with less development time and lower technology costs. Backed by multimillion dollar global enterprises, our expertise in financial data processing helps clients reduce their risk. We have award winning technology and ongoing R&D to deliver the most accurate and efficient order processing, record keeping, document management, and client servicing.

When you choose IFDS, you’ll experience our client-centered partnership service model. We create solutions that fit your needs and continuously invest in strengthening our people and technology. Your IFDS team includes a Relationship Manager who develops a deep, strategic understanding of your business and a Client Services support team that works closely with you day in and day out to ensure our partnership is always working in sync.

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