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Envision Yourself At IFDS

We understand you are looking for a rewarding career, a workplace where your work is valued, your voice is heard and your potential is limitless. We offer work opportunities driven by a passion for creating market leading financial solutions, and a culture that nurtures collaboration, accountability, community, diversity and continuous learning.

Current Job Openings

Whether you are looking to start or grow your career with us, discover our current job opening across Canada, Ireland and Luxembourg.

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Why Work For Us?

You are not just an employee.

At IFDS, you are an integral part of a collaborative network of colleagues. Our employees are the driving force behind our success as an organization. With a focus on continually evolving our technology and process, you’ll have many opportunities to join projects and make contributions that leave a lasting impact on our business.

Colleagues seated at desk in co-working room look at laptop screen
Happy employee receiving handshake from a colleague while four others applaud in the background

We invest in our people.

We have a culture of commitment to staff that celebrates and promotes continuous learning, collaboration, and inclusion. Our rewards and recognition program acknowledges your contributions. When you choose IFDS, our commitment to you is supported by ongoing internal and external learning opportunities to make sure you have access to the career development tools you need. Our continual investment in you will contribute to your ongoing success.

We are innovators.

Our talented and diverse workforce brings us unique perspectives that allow us to be innovators. Our ongoing research and development helps us strive toward our mission statement: “to be the leading provider of investor record-keeping systems and administrative services in the investment industry.” When you join IFDS, you have the opportunity to be part of that mission – and to grow into a career you can be proud of.

Business person holds lightbulb in hand as symbol ideas and innovation

Hear from our team

Our commitment to our core principles define our culture and are a big part of what makes IFDS such a great place to work.

Hear from our team in this video or read more about our core operating principles

Video transcript

Speaker 1, 0:07 seconds
What really excites me about working at IFDS is the connection between the people and most importantly, the diversity. I was really surprised from the very first time I stepped in to this company to see people from so many backgrounds and people who are able to share their knowledge and still find their mark within the financial industry.

Speaker 2, 0:28 seconds
One of the things I love about IFDS is that I’ve always been given the freedom to innovate – from coming up with enhanced applications, introducing new technology, changing the processes we have – I’ve always been afforded that opportunity.

Speaker 3, 0:43 seconds
IFDS promotes its PACE principles – professional, accountable, client-focused, and excellence. This promotes a very positive and constructive environment to work in.

Speaker 4, 0:54 seconds
As long as you have a thirst for knowledge and ask a lot of questions, they’re more than happy and enthusiastic with helping fulfilling your education, providing support where you need it, and really helping you grow.

Speaker 5, 1:05 seconds
5 Even beyond that, the skills that I was further interested in developing in myself were not just something that was important to me, but also through my management and coworkers in helping me develop those skills as well as utilizing my work.

Speaker 6, 1:17 seconds
IFDS granted me the opportunity to work with amazing clients, work on amazing projects, and do amazing things. And our creative thinking, coupled with a very strong understanding of our clients’ business requirements, allows us to actually deliver something unique.

Speaker 7, 1:31 seconds
The work culture is unique, very dynamic, and challenging and learning new business and technologies in wealth management.

Speaker 8, 1:42 seconds
Everyday is exciting – there are new clients, new systems and products. There’s innovation around how we do things, workflow escalation.

Speaker 9, 1:51 seconds
We know that there are challenges that we meet, but we always tend to overcome those challenges and accomplish what we’ve set out to do.
Speaker 10, 2:03 seconds
These are the benefits that we have. They actually got us certified. It’s very expensive to get that certification. I just completed it and we we’re reimbursed, so that really helped me.

Speaker 11, 2:13 seconds
It excites me how much I’ve been able to learn in a short amount of time. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn mutual funds, segregated funds and RESPs, and so that’s a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time.

Speaker 12, 2:25 seconds
What I found is every individual that I had the opportunity to work with was so willing to provide feedback and coaching and mentorship, and it’s the sort of advice that they have for their own careers. And as somebody who’s just starting out their career, I found that to be such an invaluable experience.

Speaker 13, 2:43 seconds
Since IFDS is so close to downtown, it really does participate in a lot of the culture that is going around. And I thought that it is a lot of fun just because every month we got to try out these different games and get to know everyone in this room.