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Important Information


This web site refers to the services provided by the following organizations and operates under the jurisdictional law of Ontario, Canada;

International Financial Data Services (Canada) Limited.

International Financial Data Services (Canada) Limited is incorporated in Ontario as Corporation Number 1485549.

The following logo is trademarked No.2272748.

The words IFDS are community trademarked No.002348621.

Information Security Management System Certificate

The latest certificate of registration can be found here: ISO27001 Certificate: Expires June 2024 (opens in new window).

Information Security Management Systems – Information Security Policy

Information and Information Systems are critical to the efficient operation of IFDS’ business and so IFDS must strategically and tactically direct operations for creating, processing, transmitting, and storing information ensuring its protection at all times. IFDS also recognizes that information resides in electronic and paper formats which require protection. Information security is not just something we do; it is an organizational culture and one that is deeply embedded in IFDS’ business.

Business Continuity Management Systems Certificate

The latest certificate of registration can be found here: ISO22301 Certificate: Expires November 2024 (opens in new window).

IFDS Canada Privacy Policy

International Financial Data Services (Canada) Ltd. (“IFDS”) is committed to personal privacy and to the protection of personal information.

For this reason, we have prepared this Privacy Policy (opens in new window) pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and other applicable privacy legislation (collectively “Privacy Law”).

International Financial Data Services (Luxembourg) S.A. Complaint Procedure

International Financial Data Services (Luxembourg) S.A. (“IFDSL”) is committed to providing high-quality service to its customers and investors. However, despite our commitment and efforts to provide you with the best possible service, it may occur that you are not satisfied with our services or may encounter a specific problem. IFDSL will promptly and thoroughly investigate and resolve any dissatisfaction as swiftly as possible. The procedure below details the process in place for IFDSL to investigate any dissatisfaction in compliance with Luxembourg regulatory requirements.

A complaint is a written expression of dissatisfaction addressed to IFDSL to recognise a right or redress a harm and may be registered with IFDSL, free of charge. The written complaint can be a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail from a customer or an investor. Verbal complaints should be followed up by a written confirmation from the Complainant.

If you wish to express your complaint/dissatisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact any of your direct contacts within IFDSL.

If the underlying issue is likely to take us some time to investigate and resolve, an acknowledgement of our receipt of your complaint will be issued within 10 business days after the receipt of the Complaint.

A full and detailed response should be provided to you within one month of the receipt of your complaint. Where an answer cannot be provided within this period, you shall be informed of the causes of the delay and you will be informed of the date at which the response is likely to be provided.

At any stage, should you feel that you did not obtain a satisfactory answer, you may appeal directly to the Complaint Officer:
Mrs. Anni Bastienne Spurzem-Schartz, 47 Avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg.

Your right of recourse to the Regulator and right to be informed of this:

If despite our best efforts, our answer remains dissatisfactory to you, you have the right to contact our regulator, the CSSF, directly after one month from the date when your complaint was originally sent. You must lodge your Complaint within one year after the original Complaint is lodged with IFDSL.

The online form which may be used for this out-of-court complaint resolution procedure is available at the following link: (opens in new window)

The link below gives the full text of the CSSF Regulation 16-07 relating to the out-of-court complaint resolution: (opens in new window)

Following receipt and acknowledgement of the complaint, the CSSF will then contact IFDSL for an explanation and any applicable supporting documentation. IFDSL is committed to providing as comprehensive as possible an answer and full co-operation in the investigation process.

On an annual basis, IFDSL shall communicate to the CSSF all complaints registered by it, together with a summary of their nature, details of their resolution, as well as details relating to their root causes.

INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL DATA SERVICES (IRELAND) Limited – Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 – Whistle-blowing

The Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022 (“the Act”) allows “workers” to confidentially escalate improper professional behaviour and protects those individuals reporting incidents.

Under the Act, “workers” includes current and former employees, independent contractors, trainees, agency staff, volunteers, board members, shareholders and job candidates.

A detailed procedure for making a report under the Protected Disclosures Act is available in this document (opens in new window). This procedure also includes the key concepts and definitions which explain when a report qualifies as a protected disclosure.

Contacting Us

The following options are available for reporting a suspected wrongdoing under the Protected Disclosures (Amendment) Act 2022.

By Telephone
From Ireland: Dial 1-800-550-000 or 00800-222-55288 (UIFN – Universal International Freephone Number), when prompted, dial the second stage number: 844-222-1725

By Email
Report an incident online at (opens in new window). Once on the page, select the “Make a Report” menu option at the top of this web page.