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iFast™ Web

iFast™ Web is a browser-based application that provides Advisors with instant access to key fund and account information in a secure online environment. iFast™ data can be accessed where, when and how you want it in a clean, streamlined environment that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Using core iFast™ data, from its record-keeping system, this intuitive website puts user-friendly features at your fingertips. Now you can save time on administrative tasks, helping you focus on supporting your clients and growing your business.

Many enhancements have been made to provide the most comprehensive solutions for your business needs. Watch our video on iFast™ Web to learn more about its features and functionality.

Video Transcript

Welcome to iFast Web. A secure website, offering tools to proactively assist investment advisors. With its convenient features at your fingertips, this intuitive website can help you focus on supporting your clients while growing your business. Easily customizable to reflect your brand and with its convenient dashboard, iFast Web delivers an interactive user experience. Everything you need is organized primarily in two dynamic views. At the account level, use an array of self-service tools, such as the hypothetical redemption calculator, DSC free units reporting, capital gains and losses reporting and more.

From the advisor view, advisors can easily access their whole block of business, where they can review accounts and assets, trades and transactions and compensation information such as trailer fees and commissions. iFast Web’s innovative reporting allows advisors to quickly create custom filtered reports, such as DSC free units from across their entire book of business and easily convert these popular reports to PDF for review with clients. The fund view empowers advisors and their teams to search sort and create reports on fund prices and distributions in only a few clicks. On the go using their mobile device, advisors can quickly locate a statement and deliver it to their clients.

Smart and simple. Discover the value services and enhancements iFast Web has to offer. To get started contact IFDS today.