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Investment Funds Record Keeping

iFast™ is an industry-leading, multi-lingual and multi-currency record-keeping system that provides the technological backbone for some of the most important product innovations in the investment, insurance, and deposit-taking industries.

iFast™ can help you capture client data, execute transactions, and process fees for a wide array of products and plans. Robust enough to be used by our clients globally, iFast™ is a scalable and reliable system with the flexibility to integrate with downstream systems. Automated straight-through order processing interfaces seamlessly with FundServ, NSCC, SWIFT, and XML message formats, connecting you to European and Asian proprietary file systems, saving you time and money with fewer errors.

With iFast™, you are supported by technology that is developed within our family of companies – not licensed or outsourced like many of our competitors. And because we collaborate closely with the technology teams, you will always be equipped with the ability to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving industry and regulatory environment.

iFast™ also gives you access to client information directly through a user-friendly desktop interface and remotely through iFast™ Web.