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Update on IFDS’ COVID-19 Pandemic Response

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, IFDS is actively taking steps to protect the health and wellness of our dedicated team of over 2,000 employees and partners throughout Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific, while ensuring a continued high level of service to our clients.

Recently, local governments around the world have asked businesses to restrict their operations to essential services only. The operations of IFDS are essential to the financial services industry and we continue to be fully operational around the globe.

During this time we have also made significant investments in technology so that we were prepared for our employees to work effectively and collaboratively while working remotely. Our call centres continue to be fully operational. We continue to leverage the strengths of our workflow technology (AWD) to not only enable our employees to work from home, but also to maintain flexibility as we manage and balance our work internationally.

Now, more than ever, it is important to focus on what we can do for others during this challenging time. At IFDS, as part of our COVID-19 response planning which began early this year, we had acquired a large supply of surgical masks in the event that they became needed in our workplace. Given our successful work from home transition for the majority of our staff, we will no longer require many of these and they will be donated, through the Ontario Together program, to the frontline healthcare workers where they are needed most urgently.

IFDS will continue to adapt to the changing circumstances that we all find ourselves in. We extend heartfelt wishes for the good health and safety of all of our employees, communities, clients and business partners.

Thank you for your understanding and support.